Cemeteries Committee –

Lisa Miller

Pat Brown

Charles Clark

Debbie Leftwich

Linda Bassie

Historic Sites Committee –

Micki Thompson

Cheryl Line (chair)

Membership Committee –

Hilda Povall

Billy Nowell

Museum Committee – To build a network between museums and individuals interested in supporting the missions of the various museums throughout the Mississippi Delta.

Emily Jones

Program Committee – To bring the history of Bolivar County into the present and preserve it, while making it come alive for the community.

Ned Mitchell

Bettye Mitchell (chair)

Cam McMillen

Publications Committee – The Publications Committee supports and manages Society publications. It receives or commissions articles, arranges peer reviews, and edits the annual publication of the Bolivar County Historical Society. It arranges for, or advises on, the publication of monographs, books, and maps relevant to Bolivar County history. It manages the sale of the Society’s stock of publications.

Charles Clark

Noel Funchess

Margaret Swanson (chair)

Publicity Committee –

Matt Jones

Kay Bullock

Research Committee –

Lisa Miller

Debbie Leftwich

Emily Jones

Drew Swanson


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